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Grandes Duos da TV [4]

Himura Kenshin e Sagara Sanosuke ("Rurouni Kenshin")

Himura Kenshin: New eras don't come about because of swords, they're created by the people who wield them.

Sagara Sanosuke [about Kenshin]: Give him a sword and he's unstoppable, but give him a bail of rice and he's just an ordinary guy.

Himura Kenshin: If you require an opponent, I will fight you. If you want to taste the ground, feel free to attack me.

Sagara Sanosuke : Love and selfishness kinda go hand in hand, don't they?

Himura Kenshin: We once fought together for an ideal with our swords. It wasn't for power or for glory, but to create a peaceful world where people could live without fear. And, if you should forget about that, then what did we fight the revolution for?

Sagara Sanosuke: I wouldn't mind picking a fight for a change. Usually, I don't have any choice about who I fight with, but I can't stand watching people abuse those weaker than them. Something about that sort of bugs me. Especially when it's a bunch of hypocrites talking about the virtues of freedom and justice for all. That really pisses me off.

Sagara Sanosuke [steps into the room and punches Kenshin]: And just where the hell do you think you're going without me?
Himura Kenshin [surprised]: Sano, what are you doing in Kyoto?
Sagara Sanosuke: I followed you! And that's what you get for leaving without even saying goodbye!
Himura Kenshin: You came all this way just to punch me?
Sagara Sanosuke: No, you idiot! I came to help you stop Shishio Makoto!"

Sagara Sanosuke: Hey, Kenshin, what are you doing?
Himura Kenshin: Oh, I was just rummaging.
Sagara Sanosuke: Rummaging, uh? What's in the box? Is it food?
Himura Kenshin: No, actually it's...
Sagara Sanosuke: Never mind, don't care.
Himura Kenshin: Uh, ok.
Himura Kenshin: That's just like Sano..."

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