quinta-feira, maio 10, 2012

Grandes Duos da TV [11]

Stringer Bell e Avon Barksdale (The Wire)

Avon Barksdale: You Only do two days, the day you go in and the day you get out

Russell 'Stringer' Bell: While back, I took a stroll through the pit. I saw that kid we got running things down there, uh, Poot. Now, he got the cell phone I gave him for the business, right there on his hip. But, the nigga got another cell phone that only rang when the pussy called. Now, if this no-count nigga got two cell phones, how the fuck you gonna sell any more of them motherfuckers? That's market saturation.

Avon Barksdale: Live the life, leave the life, ain’t no big thang, he used to talk that shit all the time and he believed it, know what I’m sayin? Was up baby, talk that shit now. It scare you don’t it? It scares me. Yeah. See, if he dead ya know I could carry it better, comin up the way we did you kind of expect that, you wait’n on it. See, the thing is you only got to fuck up once. Be a little slow, be a little late, just once. And how you ain’t gonna never be slow? Never be late? You can’t plan for no shit like this man, it’s life. Yeah. It scares me.

Russell 'Stringer' Bell:: You know, Avon, you gotta think about what we got in this game for, man. Huh? Was it the rep? Was it so our names could ring out on some fucking ghetto streetcorner, man? Naw, man. There's games beyond the fucking game. 

Russell 'Stringer' Bell: Motherfucker, what is that?
Sean 'Shamrock' McGinty: Robert Rules say we gotta have minutes for a meeting, right? These the minutes.
Russell 'Stringer' Bell: Nigger, is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?

Avon Barksdale: Fuck all them Eastside bitches. That’s just the way I feel about it. I got nothin’ but love for Westside niggas, nothin’ but love.

Avon Barksdale: The game is the game. Always.

Russell 'Stringer' Bell: We ain’t gotta dream no more.

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nsalvador disse...

Grande duo mas eu gostava mais de ter visto um Stringer Bell e Mcnulty! :)

Loot disse...

Já tinha posto o Mcnulty com o Bunk e eles são mais rivais. Os grandes rivais.


Qualquer coisa assim:

"How did Mcnulty take on Stringer's death?

Like kin"

cube disse...

estou a dois episódios do grande final.
e tu, já terminaste?

Loot disse...

Pergunta retórica? :P

cube disse...

para o lamy

Loot disse...

Ele terminou primeiro que eu :)
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